Camera monitoring and Alarm system

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CCTV spy (Closed Circuit Television) camera security

CCTV spy camera itself a small with a built in transmitter and easy to connect directly with a cable or battery. The most important fact is that a CCTV spy camera is not a simple camera. It communicates signals using the 2.4 GHz or 1.3 GHz radio frequency. Remember, There are only 4 channels on this frequency  if you are already using 2.4GHz wireless or your neighborhood then consider one channel could be used for each device you have.  In the package you will receive a wireless receiver that collects the signals and has some output to connect a cable to your TV or recorder. The only reason you may need an adaptor is to convert this cable if you cannot connect it to your recording device. I highly recommend you a CCTV company that has different kinds of cameras. The once I tried were reasonable price but quality was good, recorded over a great distance and image quality was fine. I hope this information will helps you.

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